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Index of the Disappeared, Black Sites I: The Seen Unseen
Index of the Disappeared’s The Seen Unseen: Black Sites I installed at the Dhaka Art Summit in 2016


*My feature film What We Left Unfinished has been traveling since its premiere at the Berlinale in February 2019, alongside screenings of three newly restored classic Afghan films. November will be an especially busy month, with our NYC premiere at DOC NYC on November 7th followed by the Canadian premiere at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival on November 13th and screenings at the San Diego Asian Film Festival, the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, and the St. Louis International Film Festival all in that same week. Follow the film on Twitter or Instagram for updates on future screenings. An exhibition curated by Steven Matijicio around the film will be on view at the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston from January 10th to March 14th, 2020.

*Index of the Disappeared’s The Seen Unseen (specifically the animated GIFs we produced as part of the piece) will be on view in the show DATAism, curated by Lise Prown and Amy Kurlander at Arts Westchester, from November 3rd to January 25th.

*A new version of Our System Failure, my public art collaboration with David Birkin, is on view at Société d’Electricité in Brussels from September 5th to November 9th as part of the exhibition Encountered Error.

*When the Spirits Moved Them, They Moved is on view at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH, from October 12th, 2019, through February 2020, and will be at the Speed Museum in Louisville, KY, from January 24th to June 14th, 2020, in conjunction with the Louisville Ballet’s Choreographer’s Showcase.


*At the Tentacular Festival in Madrid on November 22nd, a work-in-progress presentation of Dis-Ease.


*An interview about and glimpse into the research process for new film in progress Dis-Ease, for the Wellcome Collection in September 2018

*The Garden of Forked Tongues, originally commissioned by the Queens Museum of Art in conjunction with Nonstop Metropolis: The Remix. A collaboration with the Endangered Language Alliance, Effi Ibok and Josh Begley.

*Rhizome preserved the 2004 web project How Do You See the Disappeared? A Warm Database as part of Net Art Anthology (now a book); Chitra and I had a conversation with Michael Connor about it and I was also on a New Museum panel about net art, dispersion and disappearance after 9/11 with Eva & Franco Mattes, David Joselit, and Aria Dean in November 2017.

*A conversation about art, activism, and how to win by losing with Vince Warren, director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, moderated by curator Amara Antilla, in August 2017

*A brief interview about public vs. private narratives and another about artists as change-makers for the Pew Center in April 2017

*October 2016 talk with Tricia Paik and Erin Ellen Kelly at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, during the show Mariam Ghani & Erin Ellen Kelly: Water, Land, City

*February 2016 talk about What we left unfinished and artists in times of war, as part of Critical Writing Ensembles at the Dhaka Art Summit

*Words on Terror, a 2016 poetry reading for the launch of Solmaz Sharif’s Look at the Asian American Writer’s Workshop, on the AAWW podcast

*I’m also (occasionally) on Twitter and Instagram.


*A profile in The Guardian for the UK premiere of What We Left Unfinished (June 2019)

*Dis-Ease in Contagion Live (May 2019)

*A profile in the Suddeutsche Zeitung (German, April 2019)

*Roundup of press coverage of What We Left Unfinished at SFFILM (April 2019)

*Roundup of press coverage of What We Left Unfinished at the Berlinale (February 2019)

*When the Spirits Moved Them, They Moved in The New York Times (January 2019)

*Five artists you need to know, in Elle India (June 2018)

*I responded to Frieze’s survey on the importance of art as a form of protest (March 2017)

*Some reactions to What Now: The Artist-Writer as Activist-Critic panel (December 2016)

*The City & The City in Art in America (November 2016), The Village Voice (October 2016), and Modern Art Notes (May 2015)

*The Garden of Forked Tongues in Fast Company (August 2016) and the Hyperallergic podcast (May 2016)

*Interview for the Guggenheim MAP about A Brief History of Collapses (May 2016)

*Interview with Sophia Guy-White about What we left unfinished for InRussia (December 2016)

*Interview with Owen Duffy in Artspace (September 2016)


*”Shahrazade in the Archives: A Testimony from Fragments” in Critical Writing Ensembles (Mousse, 2017).

*Portfolio in Frieze, September 2016.

*”Notes from a boycott” in Manifesta Journal 18, November 2014; reprinted in Shangri-La: Imagined Cities, 2014; and expanded in collaboration with Haig Aivazian for The Gulf: High Culture, Hard Labor (OR Books, 2015) and Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency and Cultural Production (OR Books, 2017). Bonus video: book launch panel at the Vera List Center.

*”Field notes for ‘What we left unfinished'” in Ibraaz Platform 006, December 2013; reprinted in Dissonant Archives: Contemporary Visual Culture and Contested Narratives in the Middle East (IB Tauris, 2015).

*”The Islands of Evasion: Notes on the Politics and Poetics of International Art English.” Triple Canopy, June 2013. Reprinted in Social Medium: Artists Writing 2000-2015 (Paper Monument, 2016) and International Art English (Triple Canopy, 2018).

*Afghanistan: A Lexicon available as a print and e-book from Hatje Cantz, excerpted on the NYRblog September 2012.

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