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Still from What We Left Unfinished: a scene from Latif Ahmadi’s unfinished film Agent (Indexical Films/Afghan Films, 2019)
Still from What We Left Unfinished: a scene from Latif Ahmadi’s unfinished film Agent (Indexical Films/Latif Ahmadi, 2019)


*My feature film What We Left Unfinished is now streaming on the Criterion Channel for home viewers and Docuseek for educational. Contact Dekanalog for licensing or theatrical; Good Docs to book an educational or museum screening in the US/UK/AUS/NZ, and Arsenal to book screenings elsewhere.

*My new short The Fire This Time, commissioned by Field of Vision, will screen at the BAMcinemaFest on June 26th at 1:30 pm.


*Universal Games is on view in Who Writes History? at Arts Westchester, April 23-June 3, 2022.


*Some coverage of my recently announced commission for LaGuardia Airport (March 2022)

*I interviewed Rahraw Omarzad about the future of Afghan arts for Frieze (March 2022)

*A conversation with Anjuli Fatima Raza Kolb and Chitra Ganesh on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 for The East is a Podcast (September 2021)

*An interview with Perwana Nazif about What We Left Unfinished for Artforum (September 2021)

*A conversation with Erin Ellen Kelly, Theresa Bautista, Philip Velinov, Dean Otto and Miranda Lash about When the Spirits Moved Them, They Moved, for the Speed Art Museum (October 2020)

*An interview with Marisa Mazria Katz and the New Models podcast about the ideas behind my film-in-progress Dis-Ease (November 2019)

*An interview about and glimpse into the research process for Dis-Ease, for the Wellcome Collection in September 2018

*The Garden of Forked Tongues, originally commissioned by the Queens Museum of Art in conjunction with Nonstop Metropolis: The Remix. A collaboration with the Endangered Language Alliance, Effi Ibok and Josh Begley.

*Rhizome preserved the 2004 web project How Do You See the Disappeared? A Warm Database as part of Net Art Anthology (now a book); Chitra and I had a conversation with Michael Connor about it and I was also on a New Museum panel about net art, dispersion and disappearance after 9/11 with Eva & Franco Mattes, David Joselit, and Aria Dean in November 2017.

*A conversation about art, activism, and how to win by losing with Vince Warren, director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, moderated by curator Amara Antilla, in August 2017

*I’m also (rarely) on Twitter and Instagram.


*Press coverage of What We Left Unfinished 

*Dis-Ease in Contagion Live (May 2019) and The Art Newspaper (May 2020)

*A profile in The Guardian for the UK premiere of What We Left Unfinished (June 2019)

*A profile in the Suddeutsche Zeitung (German, April 2019)

*When the Spirits Moved Them, They Moved in The New York Times (January 2019)

*Five artists you need to know, in Elle India (June 2018)

*I responded to Frieze’s survey on the importance of art as a form of protest (March 2017)

*Interview for the Guggenheim MAP about A Brief History of Collapses (May 2016)

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